Black and Decker Purifry Air Fryer Review

The main topic of today is the Black and Decker Purifry Air Fryer review. These appliances have been gaining a lot of popularity over the past 3 or 4 years so it would be a good idea to look at this one in a bit more detail. The reason why this particular model has been chosen is because Black and Decker products are always associated with superb quality and this definitely applies to all sorts of kitchen and household appliances.

While Philips has been achieving most of the success when it comes to air fryers, Black and Decker have now produced this so let’s see if this performs as well.

The Black and Decker HF100WD Purifry Air Fryer will allow you to prepare any foods that you’re craving but don’t normally prepare because of the unhealthy association with them. This is simply because there aren’t any oils added to the foods and this appliance can still prepare them with the most tastiest of flavors.

We all love fried foods but they are usually brimming with oil, some of which dissolves into the food and enters our body when we eat. This is extremely unhealthy and eating too much fried food can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. This means that there are so many people in the world that have to control themselves no matter how much they are craving these foods.

This air fryer is arguably the best option within this price range and provides the ultimate solution. It allows you to prepare every fried food type without using oil. It also uses two convection ovens so the food is actually cooked very thoroughly from all sides and this is generally a very quick process as well.

Best air fryersThere is that safety aspect to it as well because it shuts off after 60 minutes and this is the same as some of the other similar appliances available for you to buy. If you look at the cooking process like we have done in this air fryer review, then you’ll notice that most other models usually reach temperatures of around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. If you directly compare this to the Black and Decker HF100WD Purifry then you’ll notice that this can actually cook at higher temperatures without overworking itself – this usually equates to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, this will ensure that you get better results when it comes to the overall preparation process.

When reading an air fryer review of any model, you should always take account of the capacity because most of these appliances are on the smaller side. This means that they might not be suitable for families as you may need to re-run the machine a few more times to feed everyone. In contrast, this particular machine is probably the best air fryer when it comes to this aspect. This is because it features a large 2-liter capacity that can cook quite a lot of food at any one time. This means that unless you’ve got a massive extended family visiting, you should easily be able to cook enough fried chicken for everyone.

In-depth air fryer reviewThere are all kinds of impressive features when it comes to this particular model. The first massive advantage is that this model is quite affordable when compared to the famous Philips air fryers. The basket is non-stick and is simple to clean. Furthermore, there are a lot of temperature settings that you can change in order to accommodate your own preferences. These features will ensure that you make delicious and crunchy food without using any oil. The taste is great and the crunch is actually impressive because you can achieve it without using any oil.

These aspects of this model are important and if you check out any other air fryer review of this model then you’ll find that the price and performance combination of this model is excellent.

Unique Healthy Snacks You Can Make At Home

We all get hungry in between meals. It’s critical that you don’t give in to eating junk food when you’re hungry or bored. The video below will give you ideas on making some healthy snacks instead. This way, you can still enjoy delicious snacks at regular intervals but don’t have to worry about eating unnecessary junk food. It’s also the best tip I can give when it comes to eating clean.

Let me know what you think of it and do share your favorite healthy snacks.

4 Tips for Eating Clean

People often ask me why I’m on a diet or why I choose to eat the way I do. So I thought I would devote a post to describing my lifestyle and some basic rules for clean, healthy eating.

First, I am not on a diet. I choose to eat a certain way all the time, not just short term to reach a weight goal. Unlike diets, I never feel restricted or that I am missing out on certain foods. There are certain things that I don’t even consider eating or drinking. I have found that after a while these eating habits stuck. Here are a few foods and drinks that I completely avoid: soda, potato chips, french fries, pizza, refined carbs such as white rice. I also like to avoid things like donuts and sugary sports drinks.

Eating Clean Tips

When I eat any of these foods, my body reacts negatively. For example, if I drink soda I feel bloated and uncomfortably full. So I have learned to avoid it. The key is to listen to your body. A lot of people refer to certain foods as “comfort foods”, but usually these foods tend to make you actually feel uncomfortable after eating them. Greasy foods like pizza or french fries tend to upset my stomach, and I know I am not alone with this feeling. For me, the after-effects of eating these foods outweigh the taste.

The foods listed above are all very low in nutritional value. When I am thinking about my next meal, I think about how to pack the most nutritional benefit into it as possible. Having a donut for breakfast does nothing for your body. As many nutritionists would say it is like eating “empty calories” because the calories in a donut are not benefiting your body in any way.

So here are my 4 tips for clean eating:

1. Choose whole, natural foods

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, fish, meat, nuts, and seeds all fall into this category of whole foods. Fruits and vegetables give you the most benefit in their natural form. Think about reaching for an apple as opposed to a sugary juice. For meat, look for lean cuts such as a chicken breast or lean ground turkey meat. These foods should be consumed as close to their natural form as possible to reap the most nutritional benefits. For example, fish sticks aren’t an acceptable source of protein. Instead, a salmon or tilapia fillet sautéed or grilled with a little oil is a great source of clean protein.

Whilst not ideal, if you don’t have much time throughout the day, it might be worth buying some whey protein protein. It’s not exactly natural but it still gives you plenty of nutrients.

2. Make as many meals at home as possible.

Restaurants can be a healthy eaters worst nightmare for a few reasons. First, the portion sizes are often much larger than what your body needs. Also, even if something appears healthy like a chicken dish with vegetables and rice there could be a lot wrong with it. The meat is most likely doused in salt and cooked in butter or oil. The vegetables are likely prepared similarly. The rice is probably a refined carbohydrate with a good amount of butter added. Even a salad could derail your health efforts with heavy dressings and large portions. To know exactly what is going into your meals, prepare them at home as much as possible. If you know you’re going out to eat, try and take a look at the menu ahead of time. The nutritional information is likely to be posted somewhere on the website.

3. Plan ahead

To reduce the possibility of reaching for a bag of chips or a slice of pizza, plan your meals in advance. This doesn’t have to involve hours of meal prep. A simple list of your meals for the next day can be enough. Here’s an example of what I would plan:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal topped with a banana and peanut butter with coffee
  • Mid morning snack: Chobani 100 vanilla Greek yogurt with slivered almonds
  • Lunch: salad with dark greens, tuna, mixed veggies, sunflower seeds, and an oil and vinegar dressing
  • Afternoon snack: carrots and hummus
  • Dinner: Chicken breast with sautéed kale, quinoa, and a side salad

I recommend writing down what you plan on eating for the next day the night before and getting all of your ingredients together. For me, this usually consists of putting everything I am going to have in the same spot in the fridge and throwing the pantry ingredients in a brown bag. It doesn’t have to be extensive, but a simple list will help you stay on track.

4. Don’t resist cravings

Resisting a craving will likely have you overindulging at some point. I typically try to create a healthy version of what I’m craving and it usually does the trick. If you are really craving pizza try making cauliflower pizza. If you have a craving for ice cream, try making banana ice cream. If your sweet tooth is going crazy, there are tons of healthy options for you. Check out Chocolate Covered Katie for healthy dessert ideas and recipes. Remember, having the real thing every once in a while is not going to derail your health efforts. So, have a scoop or two of ice cream when you really want it. It’s what you do a majority of the time that truly matters.

Clean eating is a lifestyle that is sustainable versus a diet that makes you want to eat everything in sight. Eating well has so many positive benefits for your health and you will feel the difference. You will find that you have more energy and are generally in a better mood. Your hair, skin, and nails will also benefit from clean, whole foods. Additionally, if you are trying to slim down this method is the best because you will lose the weight and keep it off with ease.

Buying Commercial Microwaves

Commercial microwaves are basically the same as any microwave you would see at home just a whole lot bigger. Think about twice as big. Commercial microwaves are very important to have if you’re running a restaurant and need to heat something back up really quickly. Often times you will find that an order can be left out for too long and needs to be re-heated so that the meal going out is hot and ready to eat. Makes you wonder how many meals you may have had that had to microwaved to meet minimum standards for the restaurant doesn’t it?

Buying a commercial microwave


Commercial microwave ovens often have at least double the power of a standard home kitchen microwave oven and they have a lot less options too. With home kitchen ovens you have a lot of pre set options for heating specific foods. There’s a timer and a lot of other user friendly features. However on a commercial microwave oven there are very few options. This is because you will typically never need them anyway. Its not like you’re going to be cooking popcorn in it any time soon or have to precision heat some on power level 4 for 3 1/2 minutes.

Commercial microwaves can be found in essentially any restaurant or bar you walk into. Any place that serves food will usually have one because it really can save a customer if the cook times the food preparation wrong or if something comes up.

Samsung commercial microwave ovens are some of the best. Samsung has been making kitchen appliances for decades now and has made a solid reputation for itself as a trusted provider of reliable, sturdy kitchen tools. Samsung commercial microwaves are perfectly designed for catering businesses and can meet the demands of being carted from place to place without breaking easily or malfunctioning. These microwaves have also been designed to have at least 35% more capacity than other commercial microwaves so that you can reheat more, faster and meet the needs of your clients. Samsung has also developed a tried and true cooking pattern for the microwave that produces immaculate results every time evenly cooking the food.

If you’re starting a restaurant or catering business be sure to pick up a commercial microwave oven. I promise you that this simple kitchen appliance will save you much more money that you pay for it.

Things I’ve Learnt Along The Way

Although it may seem obvious, I feel it necessary to state that, of course, everything that goes into both your life and mine is constantly changing. A never-ending journey. We grow, regress and cycle back around again. But if you pay attention, you can learn a thing or two while you’re at it — it’s sometimes just difficult to remember tips and tricks in those moments of sheer panic (screaming child, late for a meeting, forgot to send that email, overslept). So this list is something I’ve been working on for some time in terms of budgeting, avoiding food waste and staying true to my values without feeling deprived. It goes a little like this:

  • Even if you’re trying to save money, don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. To a savvy shopper this may seem obvious, but I don’t mean avoiding impulse buys only because of the price; I also mean the less-obvious kind of bargain shopping traps: Forgetting to compare the sale price of the brand name to the generic. The generic may still be cheaper than the brand name on sale! And then there’s this.

Saving money effectively


  • Don’t buy something that’s on sale if you’re not going to eat/use/enjoy it. Sometimes, the generic kind of cheese, bread or cleaning product just plain stinks. If you don’t like the smell of the carpet cleaner or are always throwing out celery, don’t try to force yourself into liking it just because it’s cheaper than the name brand or you swear this time you’ll use it up. I cannot tell you how aggravating it is to me to constantly be throwing out yogurt I think I’m going to eat and don’t, piling up more and more overripe bananas in my freezer to one day make banana bread and the countless snacks my son “thinks” he wants that just end up in the garbage. And I’m the one doing the food shopping?
  • Try to stick to what everyone likes. I know all about picky eaters, trust me — but aside from having a picky 2-year-old, I also have food allergies and my husband has some serious food aversions resulting from life-long gastritis. So although sometimes I’ll “splurge” on garlic and onions to flavor foods and will then take them out whole for his sake, most often I just leave them out. This saves money and guarantees (well, sort of!) that everyone will eat the same meal and I don’t end up feeling like a short-order cook.
  • It’s not all or nothing. I may very well be the girl at the grocery store with organic cabbage and conventional ice cream in my shopping cart, but it depends on the day…Sometimes I feel overly concerned with budgeting, and on other days I’m giving in to the demands of my 2-year-old. At times I just want some chocolate; on a good day I’m much more intentional and thoughtful about what goes into my cart. This is me. This is realistic.

  • Applaud yourself for the little things. I’m just proud that I denied my son his fishy crackers one day at the store and sugary trail mix the next. I know I may not be as strong next time, but somehow you have to find a balance when it comes to food, finance AND your sanity. If you’re not eating from the drive-thru every night, that’s a good thing! If you’re not eating white bread with your sandwich, that’s a good thing! And if you stop after just one cookie, well, it’s better than eating two or four or ten.

Above all, know yourself and try to see things objectively whenever possible. You may be too hard on yourself most of the time, like me, and try to live up to expectations of perfection. On the flip side, you may sometimes be the one who thinks, “this burger isn’t going to kill me.” But the side of fries and the soft drink, every day, plus all the other processed garbage, well, there’s plenty of evidence in the direction that it sure isn’t good for you. Keep learning and growing, but be kind to yourself along the way. “Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” including yourself — and we should be so lucky that “What To Eat” may be our biggest quandary today. Use your head, make a decision and move on. It’s a much more peaceful way to live.

Eating Takeaway Food

Believe it or not, although I am a cooking fiend, I do, from time to time, succumb to take-out.

Usually it’s pizza: Cheese or spinach, now that I’m not eating meat. There’s just something about Friday nights, my cool basement (even in summer) and movies that screams pizza. And although I rarely indulge in Chinese because of my soy allergy, if it’s what’s being served I like to know what I can eat ahead of time. Mexican? I’ve got that down. Italian? No sweat.

Do you break out in a sweat every time you head out to a restaurant or order take-out, confused and bewildered by all the options, never sure what’s worse, a creamy sauce or a thick breading? Check out my list below and you’ll know whether you should love it or leave it next time.

How bad is eating takeaway food?


Chinese food:

Love it: Steamed shrimp and veggies — they’ll be fresh and oil free, which is absolutely your best bet. (And don’t skip the fortune cookie, it’s only 45 calories!)

Leave it: General Tso’s chicken — you could be eating a day’s worth of calories.

Sushi place:

Love it: Stick with sashimi. White rice = empty calories. Just don’t eat too much tuna.

Leave it: Tempura. Sounds exotic but translates to deep-fried and calorie laden.

Italian joint:

Love it: Order the fresh fish from the specials menu, as long as it’s wild-caught and doesn’t come in a cream sauce, with cheese or is fried. If that’s the case, try their roasted chicken.

Leave it: If you’re anything like me and can’t avoid the breadbasket, skip the pasta AND the dessert. I can’t say no to wine and bread, so I have to say no to the “optional” carbs.

Sub shop:

Love it: Go for a regular veggie sub or double the lean meat and halve the bread. Pile on the lettuce, tomatoes and peppers, choose low-calorie condiments like mustard and you’ll be set.

Leave it: Repeat after me: Meatball subs are the devil. Just. Don’t!


Love it: Order the chicken fajitas, but don’t use all of your tortillas. Fill up one or two with chicken and veggies, and skip the sour cream. Pile on all the salsa you want, and a dab of guacamole is OK too — it may be high in calories, but it’s full of healthy fat.

Leave it: If meatball subs are the devil, chimichangas are el diablo! Take a burrito the size of your head, then deep fry it. Great idea, right? Gross! Do not, under any circumstances, order this. And if you really want to be good, tell the waiter you’re allergic to corn. No chips for you. Sweet!

Convenience store/gas station:

Love it: Pick up an apple or a banana from the counter, if available, and a jar of overpriced (sorry!) peanut butter. If there’s no fruit, check the fridge for yogurt, or spread the PB on some whole grain crackers or bread. If you look hard enough, you can find something healthy anywhere.

Leave it: Where to begin…chips, candy bars, ice cream, giant sodas, disgusting revolving hot dog machines, microwaveable taquitos, frozen slushy slurpy sugar bombs – just turn the other cheek. You can do so much better than that.

Coffee shops:

Love it: Hate me now or hate me later — but try herbal tea for once. Lots of them have caffeine anyways, and very few need much sweetener, if any. Think you need your joe? Go nonfat on the milk and skip the flavored syrups. If that’s what you want, you’re really craving sugar, not coffee. Feed your sweet tooth (wisely) elsewhere.

Leave it: Okay, hate me now. Nothing healthy comes in a 20-ounce cup with four inches of whipped cream on top. If you must frap, go Coffee Light in the smallest size possible. (Some cafes will serve you a “short” or kiddie size even if they’re not listed on the menu.)

Local deli:

Love it: Two words — turkey and whole-wheat. (Is that three words?) Make sure your sandwich isn’t premade (God knows what they put on there and how long it’s been sitting), and order the turkey on whole wheat with mustard and whatever veggies you can. Get an apple on the side to serve as the crunch factor and you’re off.

Leave it: Stay away from any sandwich that has the word “salad” in it. That’s code for fat, cholesterol and mayo.

Diner, drive-in or dive (oh yes I did):

Love it: Egg-white omelet with spinach and onions. You can even skip the cheese; I swear it will still be good with salt, pepper and a piece of dry toast! Suck down that coffee and you’ll lack nothing.

Leave it: Why waste your calories on gooey, mushy pancakes? Are they really better than something you could make at home? I guarantee that your version would be healthier. Save the “cake” for your b-day.


Love it: Enjoy one to two (triangle) slices of veggie pizza. Don’t think cheese is better because less stuff means fewer calories. Eat your nutrients; don’t neglect them just because you’re too lazy to cook tonight.

Leave it: Stuffed anything means you’ll be uncomfortably stuffed later. Thin crust is best, and make sure to eat slowly so you realize when you’re getting full. Stop there and don’t look back.

Did I miss anything? Let me know what your favorite take-out or restaurant is, and let’s hash it out together. Unless you live in NYC, a lot of eating establishments are probably still hesitant to publish their nutrition info — so you have to be vigilant. But you can still eat out without fear, and, of course, take home a doggy bag. Leftovers for lunch mean one less thing to do tomorrow. Hurray for that!

A Quick Diet For A Day

Looking after the little things can be hard, especially when those long hours at work keep us from balancing our lives. For some reason, it is always our health that ends up second best. This is why people will search for solutions on getting fit as quickly as possible. The right diet for a day can just trigger enough hope, and enthusiasm towards a healthier lifestyle. Although if you do take steps in proceeding with a short term diet, it will not guarantee permanent results, but it might just be the answer you were looking for in changing your eating habits forever.

A detox diet is probably one of your best options because it will contain lots of fruit, vegetables and water. Vegetables are excellent sources of beta-carotene (This comes from vitamin A), vitamin C, and some B vitamins. These normally help to keep your eyes, bones and skin healthy. “Super” vegetables like cauliflower, swede, broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes can be the answer to the diet equation.

The following combinations of fruit and vegetables need to be consumed throughout the day while breaking it into six small meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between the main meals).

Quick diet

Your vegetable diet for a day:

  1. Piece of cucumber (5cm)
  1. One cereal bowl of salad leaves
  1. One medium tomato or 7 cherry tomatoes
  1. Serving of cooked carrots or peas (High in fiber)
  1. Eight Brussels sprouts (Also very high in fiber)
  1. One corn-on-the-cob

Be sure to retain the nutrients in the vegetables by either steaming or microwaving it for a short amount of time. Do not use additional components like butter or cream for extra flavor. Instead, use freshly ground pepper, lemon juice or chopped herbs for a greater taste.

Fruit diet for a day:

Fruits are naturally sweet, and high in vitamins & fiber. It is also rich in antioxidants, and low in calories & fat. The antioxidants will destroy any harmful substances in the body and will be very important for your dieting needs.

  1. Half a grapefruit
  1. One wedge of melon
  1. One tablespoon of raisins
  1. One medium size apple or pear
  1. Three apricots or two plums
  1. 100-150ml of 100% fruit juice.

All of the above are ideal snacks, and can easily be prepared before working hours. They are nutritious, and will give you enough energy to get through your busy schedule. Try to get into the habit of buying a good selection of fruit and vegetables the night before. If you are going to make your diet successful in just one day, all the ingredients need to be fresh, and ready for use.