A Quick Diet For A Day

Looking after the little things can be hard, especially when those long hours at work keep us from balancing our lives. For some reason, it is always our health that ends up second best. This is why people will search for solutions on getting fit as quickly as possible. The right diet for a day can just trigger enough hope, and enthusiasm towards a healthier lifestyle. Although if you do take steps in proceeding with a short term diet, it will not guarantee permanent results, but it might just be the answer you were looking for in changing your eating habits forever.

A detox diet is probably one of your best options because it will contain lots of fruit, vegetables and water. Vegetables are excellent sources of beta-carotene (This comes from vitamin A), vitamin C, and some B vitamins. These normally help to keep your eyes, bones and skin healthy. “Super” vegetables like cauliflower, swede, broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes can be the answer to the diet equation.

The following combinations of fruit and vegetables need to be consumed throughout the day while breaking it into six small meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between the main meals).

Quick diet

Your vegetable diet for a day:

  1. Piece of cucumber (5cm)
  1. One cereal bowl of salad leaves
  1. One medium tomato or 7 cherry tomatoes
  1. Serving of cooked carrots or peas (High in fiber)
  1. Eight Brussels sprouts (Also very high in fiber)
  1. One corn-on-the-cob

Be sure to retain the nutrients in the vegetables by either steaming or microwaving it for a short amount of time. Do not use additional components like butter or cream for extra flavor. Instead, use freshly ground pepper, lemon juice or chopped herbs for a greater taste.

Fruit diet for a day:

Fruits are naturally sweet, and high in vitamins & fiber. It is also rich in antioxidants, and low in calories & fat. The antioxidants will destroy any harmful substances in the body and will be very important for your dieting needs.

  1. Half a grapefruit
  1. One wedge of melon
  1. One tablespoon of raisins
  1. One medium size apple or pear
  1. Three apricots or two plums
  1. 100-150ml of 100% fruit juice.

All of the above are ideal snacks, and can easily be prepared before working hours. They are nutritious, and will give you enough energy to get through your busy schedule. Try to get into the habit of buying a good selection of fruit and vegetables the night before. If you are going to make your diet successful in just one day, all the ingredients need to be fresh, and ready for use.

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